District 201Q3, Queensland, Australia

Lioness Club

The Lioness Club stands separate to the Lions Club as it holds it's own meetings and has it's own board of directors.  The  Lioness Ladies offer a great social structure along with a strong community involvement.  They have their own projects and do a wonderful job supporting the Lions Club in many of their projects.

The two Clubs work in harmony to assist each other to offer the best results to the community.

To clear up any misconceptions, you DO NOT have to have a husband in the Lions Club to be a member. 

Joining the Lioness Club is a great way to make new friends, increase your social activity while helping your community.  A win-win situation for any woman who has some spare time on their hands.

The Lioness Ladies are never short of a smile or an idea for a fun activity or an inspiring way to make a difference within our Community!